Between 1993 and 2008 Rienke used the same quote in her tribute to Tin: Plus que cent fois pour Tin is a Homage to the artist Tran Trug Tin (1931- 2008) in the Blue Space Art Center of the Museum of Fine Arts Ho Chi Minh City. In 2006 Connection is presented featuring unique abstract paintings from the seventies by Tran Trung Tin together with his portraits painted by Rienke in Art Vietnam Gallery in Hanoi.


Selected Works

MorsparkProject type

Lino cutsProject type

TransformationProject type

CodartsProject type

Applus RTDProject type

AppliedProject type

Hommage a TinProject type

ActivitiesProject type

Shared wallsProject type

All on wallProject type

Friends and heroesProject type

Red masksPaintings

Shining ExampleProject type