Rienke Enghardt is a visual artist specializing in murals, portraits, collective and community art. In her autonomous work, she is a social soloist with robust visual language and in her art projects she is a realistic idealist with a network of like-minded people. Since 1991, Rienke has traveled the world with her project Hope Box, exploring the art climate and seeking dialogue to create a more complete picture of reality, together with others. From there interactive exhibitions and social art projects arise that are collected in the Hope Box. This way of living and working has given her a unique view of the world and has made her a passionate team player. In 2006 Rienke starts her artist company ‘Rienke Enghardt’. After years of traveling around without a permanent home port, she moves into the self-built Hope Box Home at the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam. Hope Box's projects are unpaid and ‘Rienke Enghardt’ generates income from various clients; from Codarts Arts University in Rotterdam to the Amsterdam Public Library. Art commissions for private individuals and companies are also carried out by ‘Rienke Enghardt’. In addition, Art Vietnam has her paintings in stock and ‘Rienke Enghardt’ initiates masterclasses, expeditions, and art activities.


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